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Your Business Is Our Business

CC&C is a chartered professional accounting firm with over 50 years of combined accounting, auditing, tax, technology, and business related experience. CC&C works hard to understand the individual needs of clients and is committed to providing tailored solutions to help clients meet their business goals. Our motto over the years has been "Your business is our business" which reflects our commitment to professional public accounting services to help your business become and remain successful. At CC&C we believe that our reputation is enhanced by the success of our clients. This is why we are dedicated to forming strong long term relationships with clients based on trust, commitment, and personalized service. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Please see our Daily Tweets @NiagaraCAs for interesting business and other news.


There are three types of reports we produce for client financial statements. These are Compilation, Review and Audit. Each offers either no assurance or increasing levels of assurance that the statements comply with Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise. See the Accounting and Reports link for more detail's.

Assurance Services

Financial statement audit engagements exist to add credibility to the implied assertion by an organization's management that its financial statements fairly represent the organization's financial position and performance to the firm's stakeholders (interested parties).

CPA Firm Assistance

The CICA' s Canadian Standards on Quality Control (CSQC) are now in effect for all CA firms. We are here to help maintain your firm' s quality control mandates. At CC& C we provide second partner reviews and File Quality Peer Review. We also provide firm monitoring under CPAB, CSQC, and ICAO requirements.

Income Tax

We are experts in owner managed business personal and corporate tax planning and filings. We also up to date on all US-Canada cross border tax filings for both non-resident and US citizen non-resident personal tax filings.

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