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Business Consulting

Start Up Companies
Starting a business is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions a person or family will ever make in their lives. Understanding the potential risks, and making choices that will give you the best chance for success is critical. CC&C has been providing new businesses with advice related to operational effectiveness, tax and planning strategy, cash flow planning, and technology for over 30 years. If you are considering starting a new company or business, and have any questions or concerns CC&C can help.

For startups or established businesses CC&C has the knowledge and experience to help you prepare budgets and financial forecasts. Setting benchmarks and having a financial plan is a critical element of business success. CC&C can also assist you with cash flow projections and capital planning.

Globalization and communication technology have transformed the way people do business all over the world. In order to adapt to this change Canadian legislation is also continually changing. At CC&C we encourage our clients to focus on what they do best and let us worry about everything else. By partnering with CC&C you will have the piece of mind that reliable professionals are looking after your compliance related updates and changes. Please watch for our summary and commentary on the 2013 Federal Budget and the 2013 Ontario Budget.

Building your business requires cash. Expanding your business requires cash. Purchasing new equipment or acquiring a company also requires cash. Whatever the reason, CC&C can help you take the necessary steps to secure the financing you need to make your business successful.

Business Valuation Services
If you are considering acquiring, divesting, or expanding your business let CC&C help you understand how you can maximize your return on investment. We offer comprehensive business valuation and consulting services to companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. For more information about when you may want or need a professional business valuation to estimate the selling price of your business please contact us.

Value Added Advice
At CC&C Professional Corporation we take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals in any way we can. We are highly technology aware and can help guide you in implementing software and hardware for your business. We take an active interest in the businesses and industries we serve and we work hard to provide clients with valuable and timely information even if it is outside of our normal scope of services. Our goal is to be the most trusted resource our clients have for major decisions and to proactively seek out ways to help enhance our clients profitability. If you are a home owner or commercial property owner the following article highlighting property tax issues may be of interest to you.