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Canadian and US Tax Services

CC&C provides tax advice, form preparation, and government filing services for both Canadian and US businesses. Read more

We integrate our personal tax and corporate tax work for our small business clients. CC&C can also assist clients with their personal tax needs. CC&C provides a wide range of services from tax planning to simple tax returns for both Canadian and US clients. Read more

Cross Border Income Tax Issues
Understanding tax legislation is complicated enough when you live and work in the same country. Trying to understand cross border issues can add another layer of complexity making it even more difficult to understand. If you work or own a business in a country in which you are not a permanent resident, CC&C can help you with all of the tax related issues that arise from doing business across the border. CC&C has both Chartered Accountants as well as Certified Public Accountants on staff to handle your toughest cross border tax related questions.

The new IRS filing mandate for US citizens living in Canada for both US Personal Tax Returns and US Treasury Form 114 should be carefully reviewed to avoid IRS scrutiny and potential penalties. The fillable Treasury Form is at this link